Group EMDR CIT Consultation



Do you learn best in group settings? Are you needing affordable, quality consultation as you harness your skills in EMDR and work towards certification? If you answered yes and value whom you receive expertise from, then this custom package is meant for you! Dr. Rachelle Morales, EMDR Consultant-in-Training, is offering 15 group consultations at a discounted rate. Her speciality areas are in dissociative orders, sexual abuse, and attachment injuries. She takes a polyvagal approach to treatment and incorporates a variety of EMDR techniques to help clients heal and rewrite their traumas. Dr. Morales is excited to share her expertise with you and guide you through your cases as you move towards certification for EMDR. At the end of your consultation groups you’ll walk away feeling secure and empowered with your newfound knowledge around EMDR!

This is not supervision and CEU’s will not be provided. To pay as you go, please contact Dr. Morales for scheduling and approval. Regular individual sessions are $100 and group individual sessions are $50. If you purchase a package, and would like to upgrade some of your group consultations to individual consultations, Dr. Morales will offer this to you at a discounted price.


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